Pierre Adjibogoun is an artist working in Lansing, Michigan.
Originally from Cotonou, Benin in Western Africa, Pierre is a master woodcarver in the African style.
He also makes beautiful batiks and jewelry.








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Wood Sculpture

One Love Forever [amour eternele]

Crocodile Canoe [les piroguier]

Family of Antelopes [La famille d'antilope]

Elephant Mask #1 (For Good Luck) [masque elephant #1 (pour la chance)]

African Women at Work [la femme africaine au travaille]







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Batiks (Dyed Fabric)

Sunset [coucher du soleille]

American Cowboys [cowboy americain]

Mpongo Mask [masque mpongo]

Thinking of Life [pancer de la vie]

Giraffe [giraffe]


Benin Kaleta Dance [la dance kaleta du benin]

Spiritual Dance [dance spirituelle]


















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Pierre's work was on display in the "Reflections of Life" show at Grove Gallery Co-op in East Lansing. Pierre was featured in the City Pulse and the Lansing State Journal for his participation in the show. City Pulse



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